Updated workwear via Shopbop Sale

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What is the weather like in your area now?

It may be a lot cooler and you’re starting to pile on the layers.  But does this change the outfits that you wear for work? I actually love putting together business casual outfits for the spring and fall.  I have a variety of colorful jackets I can wear over a simple v-neck or button down top.

I feel like I was in a bit of a workwear rut for a while though.  I had tons of sweater sets and simple tops.  I love the variety of clothing that is office appropriate, but doesn’t feel like corporate wear.  I can break out more midi length skirts and sneak in a greater variety of shoes.  I have the most fun gray wedge boots that are perfect with leggings or a black pencil skirt.  An asymmetrical skirt is edgy, but still appropriate for an office.  Culottes add a modern edge to an outfit, while a little black dress with an interesting neckline can be work for so many different events.

But of course, an outfit isn’t complete without the appropriate accessories.  Great, comfortable shoes and a functional, but fun bag are key.  There are a few great options for shoes with a punch of color or extra height for the especially cold and wet days.  I love the two toned look on so many kinds of shoes from pumps to flats and boots.  Purses have to be able to hold a bit, but can at least be updated for style (the still popular bucket bag is an option) and be functional as well.

Here area few options for modern work wear options at a fab price via Shopbop’s buy more, save more sale: get up to 25% off your order depending on how much you spend. This is one of my favorite sales of the year and there may be fewer exclusions which makes me tempted to buy more!

Spend $250+ Save 15%
Spend $500+ Save 20%
Spend $1000+ Save 25%
With Code: GOBIG15

Updated workwear apparel by little luxury list
1. Bec & Bridge Vital Asymmetrical Skirt, Shopbop, $52.50

2. alice + olivia Maris Gathered Halter Top, Shopbop, $148.50

3. Black Halo Kensington Dress, Shopbop, $292.50

4. Theory Idol Jersey Aletta Top, Shopbop, $161.25

5. Theory Raoka Pants, Shopbop, $221.25

Updated workwear shoes and purses by little luxury list1. Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Colorblock Flats, Shopbop, $412.50

2. ZAC Zac Posen Eartha Soft Top Handle with Grommets, Shopbop, $371.25

3. Paul Andrew Kimura Suede Pumps, Shopbop, $506.25

4. Deux Lux Elle Drawstring Bucket Bag, Shopbop, $71.25

5. Dolce Vita Kana Snakeskin Pumps, Shopbop, $35.78 (from $159)


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Photo Love {Inspiration}: Singing after a storm via Elle Brazil August 2015

“Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?”

Rose Kennedy

Emanuela de Paula Elle Brazil August 2015 black and white polka dot top Emanuela de Paula Elle Brazil August 2015 embellished skirt with diamond pattern Emanuela de Paula Elle Brazil August 2015 floral dress Emanuela de Paula Elle Brazil August 2015 floral mini dress Emanuela de Paula Elle Brazil August 2015 Floral top and pants Emanuela de Paula Elle Brazil August 2015 sheer black maxi Emanuela de Paula Elle Brazil August 2015 yellow lace

We have all gone through a few rough patches.  Even though it may take a while to recover from them, we will go on.

Funny enough, but I was watching an episode of “Weeds” where a character was explaining this to main character after her house and drug business burn down.  She had no idea what she was going to do next.  But he explained to her that this was just a valley in life’s many peaks and valleys.  While it was a fictional scenario in a pretty ridiculous setting, the message still rings true.

We can go through so many different types of traumatic and life changing events.  Our loved ones may leave us – emotionally or physically.  Our bodies may change and start to fail us.  Our careers may take a dramatic turn.  We should certainly take the time to address and deal with these changes.  I’m thinking of this after living a full 5.5 years in Southeast Asia.  I was sad to be so far away from my family.  My closest friends were now a full 10,000 miles away. I was also in a darker place because I felt like my career was disrupted and I frankly couldn’t stand my profession any more.  Yet, every opportunity in this new country was in an old field and I felt handcuffed to something I didn’t love to do any more.  It was stifling and I felt like I was  barely keeping my head above water.  Yet, my husband was so supportive and kept telling me to keep trying, not get stuck, and still try to enjoy myself by traveling to different places.  Eventually, things did change and I did smile and sing after the storm.  Life hasn’t been perfect thereafter, but I finally found a new field that I really love (fashion!) and have my happy family here.  So I’m delighting in the fact that there is always sunlight and brightness even in the darker times.

Here is to always remembering birds, delighting in singing, and reveling in sunlight.

Have a lovely week!

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Maxi dresses and skirts for fall and winter

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Stella Lucia True Innocence Vogue Japan December 2015 white dress

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Kate Spade pink and black bedroom

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