FFF – Anthropologie sale on sale and Game Nights

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Happy Fun, Free Friday lovelies!

Online Discounts

There are a few things that just reel me right in – gold leaf accessories, puppies being hugged by toddlers, and sales on sale.  When I see a sale with an extra little discount, I just have to check it out.  Anthropologie is offering an extra 25% off sale items with code EXTRAEXTRA now and i’m loving the mix of quirky pieces of home decor and somewhat edgy separates (seriously the cardigan below is so cool!)

Here are my picks from the sale:

Anthropologie City of Light KnobCity Of Light Knob, Anthropologie, $2.21 (from $12)

Anthropologie Ladakh Eclipse striped cardiganLadakh Eclipsed Stripe Cardigan, Anthropologie, $52.46 (from $118)

Anthropologie Lele Sadoughi Summer-Dipped BangleLele Sadoughi Summer-Dipped Bangle, Anthropologie, $134.96 (from $298)

Otherwise this weekend I am…

…laughing in the face ot my recent stomach virus and actually venturing out to enjoy myself this weekend.  We are celebrating a friend’s birthday and she has asked me to bake my famous chocolate chip cookies for her birthday.  We (or maybe just she) will munch on these while playing a few rounds of Taboo or some other fun little game.  It’s been a while since I’ve played board games so I’m excited.

What are you doing this weekend?

Have a fabulous weekend!

DIY – Gold Leaf cards

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There’s just something about gold that has drawn me in the last few years.
Gold leaf cards top on tray
I’ve increasingly added gold to my accessories as well as my home.  I started seeing more gold accents on side tables and decor and really wanted to do something with gold leaf.  I had the perfect opportunity to do so recently when I was looking for thank you cards for lovely friends that got us gifts for my baby shower.
Gold leaf cards pile
Strangely enough, I couldn’t find a single stationary store nearby though I did find a craft store in my area.  I had already purchased gold leaf adhesive size (aka the glue specifically used for gold leaf) as well as some gold leaf sheets on eBay.  I thought hearts (via favorite cookie cutters) would be an easy shape to create and was able to create lovely, delicate gold leaf hearts on a punchy pink piece of card stock.

I had to get used to using gold leaf because it is very delicate.  But I found that it was perfectly fine that it wouldn’t lay flat.  I could always smooth out the shape later.  I also used thin layers of the adhesive size so the entire shape would take on the gold leaf.  There were some instances where I had to repeat the adhesive size application around the edges and reapply the gold leaf.  I loved the end results though my husband didn’t love the little pieces of gold leaf that ended up everywhere after my project.

It is still a fun project and I would recommend you try it out some time (I can already think of the applications for some other objects around the home!)

Gold leaf cards


  • cardstock
  • leaf adhesive size
  • gold leaf sheets
  • brush – with regular bristles if it is a smaller shape or foam
  • scissors
  • stencil / shape desired
  • pencil

1. Draw the desired shape onto your card stock.
Gold leaf cards tracing shape

2. Paint the entire area inside the shape with a thin layer of leaf adhesive size.  It will change from a milky color to a transparent color within 10-15 minutes.
Gold leaf cards after adhesive
3. Apply gold leaf in a thin layer to the shape and press it firmly to adhere to the card stock.
Gold leaf cards half gold leaf smoothed out
4. Wait 10 minutes and then scrape off excess gold leaf.  The remaining gold leaf will be in the form of your shape.  I would recommend using a flat edge (I used the flat side of a pen) to get the gold leaf smooth.  Enjoy your fancy gold leaf card!
Gold leaf cards from side Gold leaf cards from bottom

Photo Love {Inspiration}: Being well dressed via Pharrell Williams for WSJ Magazine

Pharrell Williams in sunglasses for WSJ Magazine September 2014

“Being perfectly well-dressed gives one a tranquility that no religion can bestow.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Share on friend!

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FFF – Jonathan Adler, Alice + Olivia, Tibi Friends and Family Discounts and good byes

Tibi Embroidery eyelet dress

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.* Happy Fun, Free Friday lovelies! Online Discounts It’s raining Friends and Family discounts!  Ok, not quite, but there are quite a few retailers offering at least 20% off your orders until Monday, October 20th.  It’s time to start shopping for holiday gifts […]

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Art/Fashion Highlight: Izak Zenou Illustrations

izak zenou legs and reddress

I love looking at beautiful illustrations. I’m still sad I didn’t inherit my mother’s artistic talents and can’t draw well.  But I do appreciate sketches and really love colorful watercolor drawings.  There is a sense of lightness, fluidity and bold color that comes with watercolor paintings.  Fashion illustrations are one of my favorite illustration categories. […]

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Fashion and Interiors: Radiant Orchid for Winter

Orchid and pink Modern-Living-Room---Livingetc-photo by Jake Curtis - saved by little luxury list

Here we are in the last quarter (yikes!) of 2014 and we wrap up Pantone color of the year – a lovely, rich, and radiant orchid. This is certainly a color that speaks of tropical surroundings or thrives in bright, sunny days.  But I actually love to celebrate bright colors in the cooler seasons as […]

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Fashion Highlight: Golden touches for cooler weather (on sale via Shopbop Friends and Family!)

Madewell Framecraft Necklace

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.* There is something about a temperature drop outside that makes me want to reach for metallic touches. I love a sparkling pair of earrings sitting below a wool cap or a nice, statement necklace right on top of a slim sweater.  Interestingly […]

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Photo Love {Inspiration}: Free Spirit via Kirsten Dunst for the Edit


“May my heart be brave, my mind fierce, and my spirit free.” – Unknown Share on friend!

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Fun Finds/FFF – Anya Hindmarch Ebury Cornflakes tote and Healthy eating

Anya Hindmarch Ebury Maxi tote

Happy Fun, free Friday lovelies! Fun Finds I first learned about Anya Hindmarch’s whimsical purses from blogger buddy Kim.  I recently saw this purse in a newsletter and was reminded about her fun designs.  Imagine a popular character from a favorite food on a high fashion bag!  I thought it would be a little too […]

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In {Singapore}: Tim Ho Wan dim sum (aka the cheapest Michelin star restaurant!)

Tim Ho Wan spinach dumpling top by Chic n Cheap Living

Do you like variety? I love variety and trying new things.  This applies to food as well.   I almost always have to order something different from my husband when we dine out (gasp, we couldn’t eat the same thing!) and love family style meals where large platters are passed around.  So it’s natural that […]

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