Beauty Product Review: Perricone MD Cold Plasma

There are so many beauty products that propose to do basically everything: moisturizing, reducing redness, tightness, etc.  But how do you choose?  I will pay for a good product, but with so many different products in the drug stores to the department stores, it can be overwhelming.

I wanted to share my opinion about one product – Perricone Cold Plasma.  I was fortunate enough to win a jar of this and was really intrigued about its effectiveness.  So I used it for a month and tried to determine if it was really worth $150.

At first whiff, I wasn’t expecting much.  By whiff, I mean, it has a peculiar smell.  My husband thought it almost fishy.  Well not everything can smell like perfume and the more important thing is will it work?

I was initially hesitant also because it is of a thinner consistency (not as thick as a cream).  It definitely moisturized my skin and I saw small improvements in the fine lines in my forehead and redness/blotchiness of my cheeks.  But most impressively, I have sensitive skin that is also acne prone (great combination and I’m well past my teenage years, sigh) and not only did I not react to the cream, I found that I had fewer blemishes for a few weeks (last week was not so good due to other factors).

This was only a short term review of the product, but it is actually a product I would continue to use (of course long term results are a different story).  I was impressed that I saw even small results in a short period of time.

I want you to get a chance to use this so be prepared to win your own in an upcoming giveaway!





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  1. Improvements with fine lines??? SOLD!

  2. Great review. I am also willing to pay for good products, but am often sorely disappointed when I shell out the big bucks for something sub-par. Reviews like this are very helpful. Can’t wait for your giveaway!

  3. My skin sounds pretty similar to yours – I’m always a bit hesitant to try new things because I’m afraid I’ll break out or react funny – this sounds like a good option!

  4. OMG too funny. Same product {great pick} & same experience 🙂

    Hope you’re doing well sweetie! Finally getting caught up after vacation. Going to look back at your previous posts now 🙂

  5. Great review! I’m always interested to know what people’s personal experiences are with any product.

  6. Sounds like a great product, I hope the long term benefits are amazing!

    Chic on the Cheap

    ps. there is an award/tag for you at my blog!

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