Fashion Highlight: Hayden Harnett NYC style purses and cuffs

How cool is it to run a successful fashion business with your partner?  Well maybe you should ask Toni Hacker and Ben Harnett – the duo behind Hayden Harnett, a handbag and accessories company based in Brooklyn.  Toni is the designer-in-chief (with a fab design team) and Ben the business guru.

I’ve met Toni, Ben, and a few designers at their LES store and at the two sample sales I’ve been fortunate to attend (psst they have a sale now and you can get 50% off if you get 4 items!)  They started with handbags and leather accessories and have added on scarves as well.  They used to design clothing and I have a few of their beautiful sand washed silk pieces – with leather trim – so chic!  Make clothing again some day please!

The style of the purses and accessories are quite New York to me because they are chic and slightly funky, but totally wearable and fun.  Think of this as perfect for the girl lounging in the Lower East Side or brunching in Brooklyn Heights.


I can’t mention their handbags without mentioning their best selling handbag, the Havana (I gifted this to my future sister-in-law and she loves it!)  It’s a great size and squishy enough to hold everything.  It isn’t cheap at $525, but they now have the Havana2 version for $398.  It is a pretty versatile though and some colors will go on sale occasionally so look out for them!  Isn’t the atlantic patent color lovely?

The Biblio bag is a new favorite.  I’m a sucker for a satchel and love the braided leather hangtag.  At $650 it’s nothing to sneeze at but such a great investment.

The Ibiza bag is another classic bag in their collection.  My bestie gifted me this bag when I went to grad school and I loved to convert it from an everyday purse to hold my notebooks to a travel tote (ahh gotta love the roominess!)

Hayden Harnett have created several seasons of edgy and modern cuffs.  They usually entail their trademark luxe leather and awesome studs.  The Hadley cuff in Turks is a prime example of this and I just love the color.

This is a newer addition to the Hayden Harnett family.  The brand now makes bespoke scarves (regular ones are a reasonable $65 too!)  I actually thought of this for mother’s day before my husband already picked out a gift for my mom.  You can create your own design and have it imprinted on the scarf.  How lovely would it be to wear a painting made by a loved one or imprint an image from a special trip?

Does what’s inside matter (in a handbag)?

Is it crazy to buy a bag because you ♡ the lining?

Well call me crazy because unique handbag linings have pushed me into purchasing a bag.  Of course I select a bag because it’s functional, stylish, and fits with my lifestyle.  But I’ve stood in the Hayden Harnett and Lauren Merkin stores and the final catalyst to whipping out my credit card was a fun lining.  Similar to polished red soles on shoes, printed handbag linings are like an exclusive chic secret, but people will only see if they reallyget to peek in my bag,

The Neiman Marcus exclusive City Classic Craquele is of course a timeless style and has been on my mind lately.  That bronze is so lovely and I love the funky lining.

The Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag not only has a fun name, but almost always has a whimsical lining inside.
Then there’s a lining that becomes another bag!  The Hayden Harnett reversible tote is polished black and can become a sparkly sapphire with a quick inside out flip!  Brilliant!
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Has a handbag’s lining ever pushed you to purchase it?  Do you have any handbags with fun linings?

FFF – Hayden Harnett 5th anniversary contests

Woohoo, it’s Friday in the house!  I had a great day at the Tate and am off with the husband soon to meet his coworkers (last day of their training, yay!)  Weekend plans are TBD but I’ll definitely go to the Sunday Upmarket – my favorite market here and something I’ll share with you!

I leave you with an introduction to one of my favorite first handbag, and now apparel and shoe designers who are celebrating their 5th anniversary.  They’re running a fun, interactive weekly contest on their Facebook site – this week’s contest is to share your favorite Hayden Harnett piece and why.  Check it out here.

Here are also some of my favorite pieces from their past and current collection.  I will definitely do a Designer Thursday post about them!

The Biblio bag is a new favorite.  I’m a sucker for a satchel and love the braided leather hangtag.  At $418.50 it’s nothing to sneeze at but such a great investment

Celina Signature cuff is a prime example of their fabulous modern cuffs and at $78 is totally worth it.


How French Riveria in the 1950s is the Clio Ruffled Maillot bathing suit? At one point, it was only $49.50.  It’s both vintage and modern – love it!

 I think I’ve enabled your shopping enough for now. Have a l♡vely weekend!

Cuff love and blog award love

There’s something about cuffs that has entranced me lately…

Hayden Harnett has always had divine cuffs in a modern rocker-chic way.  These are $144 but were on sale for $88.40 2 weeks ago so patience pays off!

Sigh, a billowy tunic, some cute strappy sandals, and this at the ever impressive Forever 21 for $5.80.  I’m totally stalking the store for this.  Bridal bloggers, what about this as a modern accessory with your dress?

Momma and baby studs go together in this leather studded cuff from Linea Pelle, $55

Luxing it up with Alexis Bittar.  I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth the price ($227.50 on sale!)  It is pretty divine though and even the name “Rhodium versail crystal” is lovely.
Finally a lusty lust item indeed.  I feel like I may have robbed Coco Chanel’s own jewelry box if I had this.
$3,300 (le sigh) here

I also got an award from Jbreezy Baby.  It is the I your Blog award.  Thanks dearest!
I’m supposed to link to the person who gave this to me and pass it to 15 of my newest blog friends.  That was hard but they’re all awesome!
So I give this to the well deserving and ever fascinating:
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I’m off again to NYC soon.  Mmm, can’t wait to have some pizza and do some shopping!

    Hello again NYC

    I’ll be back in my beloved home city on and off for a bit in the next few months.

    Of course I can’t wait to see friends and family.
    Yay for mom’s cooking!
    Yay to seeing my bf while she’s visiting from Cali!
    Yay to seeing a very pregnant shoulda been my sista.

    I’m also looking forward to…
    …hopefully finding this top in my size at the LES or Greenpoint store

    $211, but goes on sale and so worth it IMO

    …eating my favorite pizza in the world at Pala (and I’m a NYC pizza snob) – zucca – prosciutto, smoked scamorza, pumpkin – it’s BETTER than you can imagine

    …hitting a good sample sale – suggestions?

    …catching up on episodes of these shows


    Any other suggestions on what to catch up on in NYC?

    I’m also preparing for a move to Singapore.  Yes, jetting to SE Asia.  Tropical.  Clean.  Crazy that I’ll be living there.  More on that soon I promise.

    Rainy day loves – Hayden Harnett browsing, Amy Winehouse, and chicken soup

    I guess I should get used to rainy days – yes London does live up to its stereotype of overcast or drizzly days. But the meandering cobblestone streets and bright window flower boxes remain picturesque from our flat. I’m fine walking in the rain because my wellingtons prevent me from kicking up water all over myself as usual! The only time I started to question the appropriateness of these boots was when my old manager told me his 10-year old daughter had a similar pair.

    Hmm, I really hope my other fashion choices aren’t that of a tween.

    So I start with some favorite gray day activities – shopping, listening to music, and cooking something warm and reminiscent of home.

    I was lucky to get a sneak peek at Hayden Harnett’s Spring summer clothing collection. Here are some favorites. They have some lovely coats next season – casual, cool and versatile.

    Hayden Harnett coatThe one-piece bathing suit is pretty hot and seems strangely appropriate with the trench. I might like it in a solid more if I was at a pool, but this is great for the beach.
    Hayden Harnett bathing suitIn the meantime, Mr. Chic ‘n Cheap has started school again and I’ve managed to convince him to come home for lunch so we don’t have to face the dreary London days alone.  I also make a pretty good chicken noodle soup, hehe.
    Finally, a rainy day is a mellow time that calls for some classic, mellow Amy Winehouse.
    Please clean yourself up Amy – you can really turn out some great stuff!

    Stay cozy chicas.

    @HaydenHarnett NYC in-store warehouse and studio sale – Sept 18- Sept 20


    I’ve gotten clothing for as low as $1 and bags as low as $75. Either way, one of the best brands for the quality and price even at their regular prices.

    You could get dresses like these for 60-80% off (under $100, maybe under $50)
    when: friday-sunday, September 18th-20th
    where: both HH design:shop locations
    brooklyn: 211 franklin street, greenpoint
    manhattan: 253 elizabeth street, btwn houston and prince

    time: 12-8 p.m. daily

    what: Amazing sales and bargains on samples, past season merchandise, one-of-a-kind items, vintage items, and bizarre space oddities that need a new home. All spring-summer 09 collection apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories will be 60-80% off.

    Tattoo/Ink your bag! Hayden Harnett Fashion Night out – Sept. 10 – 6-11 pm

    I love accessories and I love personalization. Hayden Harnett combines that today – Inflicting Ink will be TATTOOING bags, wallets or cuffs for FREE today at their Fashion Night Out event. This reminds me a little of Goyard bags and how you can add extra embellishments to your bag (not that I’ve been able to afford one yet).

    Otherwise bring your bag and it’s $75 for a small bag, $150 for a large bag.

    Hayden Harnett tattoo bags
    Address: 211 Franklin Street, Greenpoint, NY
    Time: 6- 11 pm
    Other deatails: 20% off everything in the store, 10% off extra if you donate a new or almost new piece of apparel

    Why am I not in NY? 🙁 If anyone is able to go, please let me know how it went!

    Hayden Harnett Big Bang Sale – Dresses, Bags, Cuffs (yes, pretty awesome ones)

    So I’ve been a Hayden Harnett fan practically since their inception. This couple (Toni and Ben) began with handbags and have expanded into shoes, apparel, and most recently swimwear (with a lovely vintage vibe, Amanda, you might like it!).

    I’ve met Toni and Ben and some of the lovely designers there – all very cool and usually present at their sample sales. They have retail stores in Brooklyn and the LES (love that one and got a few things there). Toni told me someone bought her bridesmaid dresses there and I considered this too since they are all silk and have rocking prints (some of my girls wanted long dresses though so it didn’t work out).

    Note for my NYC friends: GO to their brick and mortar sample sales if you can (sign up for their newsletter). I have had incredible luck there and it depends on your size and style so YMMV.
    But I have gotten bags at 50%-90% off (first or last day of sale), a cotton and leather jacket for $35 with free pants, and a silk tunic for $1 (originally $200, the only one in stock). Seriously. I’m not Chic ‘n Cheap for nothing. 🙂
    I have gotten their stuff at “regular sale” prices too (they send out codes occasionally) and their quality and worksmanship is worth every penny.

    Here are my top picks from their current Big Bang Sale:

    I love this fun and summer print!

    Helena wrap dressHelena wrap dress, Hayden Harnett, $178

    Toni was inspired by Xanadu for this collection

    Phaedra dress - black

    Phaedra dress, Hayden Harnett, $178

    Boudoir print is so Parisian cafe – I’d definitely wear this in France!

    penelope dressPenelope dress, Hayden Harnett, $78

    This cuff is undeniably hot!

    Joey cuff, Hayden Harnett, $38

    Happy shopping!